A Day In My Life: Calling Clients, Weightlifting, and Diagnosing Netflix Characters

I’m at an in-between stage where I’m not done interviewing for grad school, so I haven’t gotten acceptance letters yet (or, what I hope will be acceptance letters). My anxiety about grad school tends to manifest itself through disturbed sleep. I had nightmares and slept worse than usual. Tossing and turning until 9 am, I finally got up, made a strong cup of coffee, and got right to business. Here’s the schedule I followed:

9:30-9:50 am clean room and change into workout gear.

9:50-10 am fill out and submit paperwork to Continuity Care. This is a company I work for; most of the employees are nurses. This is why we continue working regardless of the current state of affairs. I submitted my paperwork digitally. I wanted to drive down there to valiantly give my paperwork in person, wearing a thick pair of gloves, but then I realized that the office was closed.

10:00-10:30 am schedule Zoom sessions for my mom’s psychology clients, who all need assessments. I left 3 voicemails and successfully scheduled 2. “It’s been really hard lately,” one parent confessed, “because my wife and I are considered vital employees, so we both have to take more hours to compensate for people who were laid off. I don’t know how we will be able to supervise our son’s session!” Being a crisis counselor taught me how to respond. “I hear you,” I said. “Your situation sounds very stressful, and you’re brave for continuing to work.”

10:30-11:45 workout. At this point, I was hellbent on adhering to my schedule. My workout was awesome, but I may have sustained a tailbone injury. One of my friends, who also used to lift weights, says that cardio is easier on the body. I agree with her. Deadlifts are a pain in the butt (no pun intended).

At 11:45, I showered. Here’s why I schedule showers: since I’m trying the curly girl method, my showers take longer than 15 minutes. I never thought that doing hair could take so painstakingly long! I talked with my family and gave the cat more attention than he deserved.

1 pm- 2:00 pm Then, I was behind schedule. I looked for scholarships and submitted 2 no-essay ones. I also called a lady in Alabama because I needed more information about a scholarship, and she sent it!

2:00 pm-2:15 pm I got a call from the graduate school in Irvine asking to interview me. I’m so excited. I squealed when I heard. So much for playing hard to get, huh?

2:15-2:45 pm. I started watching You. I can’t get hooked on it, but Joe is the coolest character. Psychopaths are fascinating. I can never get hooked on Netflix; I grew up without a TV. Let’s see how well You goes!

2:45 pm I started writing this blogpost because I wanted ‘self-care’, which is an elusive concept. Maybe that’s why I crashed on Sunday; I needed time for myself. I took the first sign of a sore throat as an excuse to curl up and start a movie, paint my nails, and do some very intensive face-masking/moisturizing. I had the LEAST productive day of my life! I think being productive 6 days a week really took a toll on the seventh. That’s why I resolved to make today better. I’ll update you at the end of the day to tell you how it went.

It’s 8:32 pm. I finished working for Continuity Care and scored 4 out of 5 reports. All I have left is to edit my book and wind down for the night. Stay safe and healthy, guys.

Published by adventuresofagradgirl.wordpress.com

Hi, I'm Vera. I'm starting grad school for neuropsychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

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