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A Week In My Life: Diary of a Quaran(teen)

Weirdly, quarantine has been good for me. Although I’m an extrovert through and through, being at home has caused a spike in my productivity. Can’t explain it, but I can’t complain, either.

Right, you’re here to read about a week in my life.

On Monday, I figured out what I was actually allergic to. Drumroll, please… the home gym. Remodeling it prior to the coronavirus meant that sawdust and dirt lingered. I returned to the crime site, lifted two 8-pound weights, and washed them off in the sink. I ran upstairs with my loot and did a home workout.

Because smiling while doing a plank is physically impossible, enjoy this side view

This week, I also worked on scholarship applications like a madwoman. Scholarships are more time consuming than they seem. Turns out, they want everything from tax returns to letters of recommendation. I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked for my birth certificate next. On Thursday, I tried to mail my scholarship, which was when I realized that we are out of stamps. My brother was in the high risk category for Coronavirus. I didn’t want to risk going to the pharmacy to buy stamps.

In a spur-of-the-moment decision, I posted on Nextdoor Neighbor, not expecting any responses. Guys. I got 25 people who were not only willing to give me stamps, but willing to deliver them. I ended up driving down to my neighbor’s house and picking up her stamps from the mailbox (I insisted on paying). “I have 2 kids in college, so I know how it is. Good luck!” she texted me.

I’ve also been studying Spanish more. I made a list of vocabulary words, and my siblings have been listening (and laughing) as I talk to myself, practicing conversations. A company that I want to be a vendor for in the future really likes Spanish-speaking psychologists, and being fluent in 2 languages just isn’t enough anymore! The next day, I worked some more. While my room is spick and span, my desk is always in disarray:

Pretend that the blacked out client info is just part of the ~aesthetic~

I scored and summarized 4 psychological assessments, which took the better part of 2 hours.

Reading books has been one of my favorite activities throughout this quarantine. I read a book called Digital Minimalism. I started off disliking it, but after hearing glowing reviews, I’m glad I stuck it out. I’ve been reading almost one book every day. The next day, it was How to Make the Most of Your Twenties. It’s written by an adolescent psychologist and delivers cold, hard truths in compulsively readable prose.

How about food?” one might wonder. My mom and I braved the crowds at our grocery store. Our attire: face masks with blue gloves to match. We were armed with a list and a can-do attitude. Our cart was already full to the brim minutes after our arrival, and we were just getting started. Cue the dirty looks. “We’re not hoarding groceries!” I wanted to broadcast over the loudspeaker. I am one of 5 siblings, and this is how much food we subsist on throughout the week. But aside from a little tussle over milk, the two of us made it home safely.

Another day, I went for a jog around my old community college campus. I got hit by a huge wave of nostalgia. I passed the Behavioral Sciences building, where my 14-year-old self was introduced to psychology. I remembered lazy afternoons talking about anything and everything with my best friends at the time. We drifted apart, and I kind of miss them. I think spending your teenage years as a college student has its pros and cons, and this was one of the pros: I was lucky enough to find 2 friends who I loved with all my heart.

Okay. Enough of the sappy stuff. I came home and spent the rest of the evening plugging away at yet another scholarship. The grad school that I got into (I’m still going to keep it a secret for now) called me up and mentioned a few really cool digital conferences that we’re going to have. I’m particularly interested in the neuropsychology ones.

The cup says it all.
“Psychologist, because Badass isn’t an official title”.

Another highlight of the week was calling up my grandparents, who are bored and who miss us, but who are holding up as well as can be expected. I used to call my grandma every day while I was at UCLA because I would study with her on the phone.

Here is a list of the hobbies that I did more of. I hope they give you some ideas:

  1. cleaning. I know, I know– what kind of hobby is that? Housewives everywhere would be jealous of what I can do with a broom, a mop, and a bottle of windex.
  2. working out (a thing that I always love, but am appreciating more now that I’m stuck inside).
  3. writing. I am writing a book called He’s Not Autistic, He’s Just Trying to Annoy Me and am trying to publish Half and Half. Fingers crossed, guys.
  4. interviewing. A long time ago, I made interviewing a hobby, because I used to get nervous and butcher interviews for jobs/internships, even for jobs that I was overqualified for. Like my favorite cartoonist, Scott Adams, says: “Your job is to always look for your next job”. Prior to the quarantine, I was poised and ready to take a neurofeedback job, but now I have to interview for other neurofeedback positions.
  5. bullet journaling. I’m not an artist. Just a lover of lists.
  6. talking on the phone with friends. I’d prefer to see them in person, but here we are. Luckily, my friend Eduardo has been using this time to find cat memes and send them to my sister and me, which has been duly appreciated.

So, there you go. That sums up my week of quarantine. Sure, quarantine isn’t ideal, but we’re doing what we can!


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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

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