Grad School Schedule + Summer Day In The Life!

This is a grad school blog, but I haven’t been writing about grad school lately. Brace yourself, because that’s about to change! My grad school starts on August 31, on a hot, muggy summer day that is highly unusual for California (just kidding). Not that the weather will affect me, as my school days will be spent in the air conditioned oasis of my bedroom. Psychology doctoral programs have class twice a week, and mine features full days from 9 am to 5:50 pm.

I don’t mind. Being busy is a privilege. This time last year, I was scrambling to try to make the most of my gap year, and I felt lost. And now, I’m lucky to have such a clear idea of the work I will do and the school I will attend. If you’re wondering why I had to check my classes, it’s because I have far more exciting news than my full course schedule (let’s be real; anything is more exciting than reading about my schedule): I will be road tripping in September! I am typing this blog post while watching a Zoom psychology session. Usually, my coworker is this guy:

his name is Paradise

However, he’s outside today. Instead, my water bottle and enormous amount of papers are keeping me company. I’ll keep you posted about how my day goes today, and whether I’ll finish my daily quota of reports 🙂 Update: it’s not much later, but I was watching my mom move the assessment materials across the desk and her elbow made a loud farting noise, which the client and the client’s mother both laughed at. My mom had to clarify that this was her elbow. Here’s hoping they believed it.

The next thing on my list is a workout. I usually eat a banana before my workouts because it’s the one thing that I can eat and still run immediately afterwards. Hi, it’s later in the day. It’s currently almost 5 pm and I am finishing up a much longer, third report. I also worked out and made some pretty-looking food. If you are unfamiliar with my culinary misadventures, this won’t seem like a big deal, but trust me, I usually am not in Gordon Ramsey’s good graces.

there’s an omelette under the avocado

At 5:30 pm, I have a Continuity Care session. After that, I want to research what it takes to get a substance abuse counselor certification. To be honest, the information is very hard to find. I don’t know why, but I’ve tried networking with 3 counselors on LinkedIn so far and no one responded. Then, I called an office that is supposed to know about the certification process, also to no avail. The only thing motivating me is my desire to practice therapy, which I think substance abuse counseling would be very close to. T

Hi, last update of the day! I just finished my session. I have to email Continuity Care because they want me to take a TB test, and I’m not down to do that in the middle of a global pandemic. Oh, and I may call my friend tonight. That’s my full day. I want to give a disclaimer that my days aren’t always this busy (my room looks like a tornado hit it, and yesterday was more relaxed). But now that I’m ending the day, I feel great about it.

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Hi, I'm Vera. I'm starting grad school for neuropsychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

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