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Days in My Life: Keeping Exercise Interesting + Balancing 2 Jobs! πŸ“

I’m at my grandparents’ house, which means that by default, it will be a perfect day. I woke up and went downstairs, where I ate a bowl of oatmeal with oat milk (so, basically, just oats with oats). Following that, I ran in what my grandma calls the “boring park”, because she frequents it so many times that despite its large size and cute dogs, it has lost its appeal.

The thing about this “boring park” is that its hills are anything but.

The view from a small hill

Imagine you’re a girl, with a petite frame and the short(ish) legs that come with it. You are faced with a challenge: large hills. A small time frame. A body that loves exercise. Naturally, I sprinted up the hills. By the end, I was red-faced and out of breath. Best of all, I met up with my grandparents by the car within the allotted time frame.

When I got home, I completed 2 reports and recorded the names in a shared spreadsheet. My grandma treated me at Urth Caffe (whoever spelled it this way must’ve forgotten about hungry customers typing ‘Earth Cafe’ into their phones and being frustrated by the lack of results. Not speaking from personal experience πŸ˜‚).

After Urth, I did a special kind of shopping trip– shopping with the intent of reselling. I have Poshmark and Mercari accounts where I mostly sell my old clothes, but occasionally, I thrift for vintage clothes and resell them for a profit. The trick is to go to very cheap thrift stores and be patient. Today, I found vintage Tommy Hilfiger platform sneakers. I also found a white skirt that has a painted-on design. Deceptively, it is labelled size zero (I’m a size 2/4 and it slides right off, which will make it hard to model).

On our way back, my grandma and I stopped at a downtown area that was beautifully decorated with lights.

I started to finish my last 2 reports, only to discover that they were all I had left. I decided to give myself time to unwind. Today is different from yesterday, when I had a 2 hour session for Continuity Care as well as my 4 reports and a whole lot of packing. But not all days have to be fast-paced in order for them to be fulfilling. It’s now 11:22 pm– goodnight, friends ❣️


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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

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