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A Week of Outfits for Work and Grad School: Trendy + Cute!

Monday: 8 Hours of Class!

Hello, friends, and welcome to a very different post. What some of you may not know (I say even though I start each post with a picture of myself) is that I love fashion. Tie your sneakers and stow all accessories safely under your seats, because this fashion adventure will be a fun one.

Button-up: H&M, top: thrifted, Denim Skirt: Roxy, kids’ section (putting it on is becoming a struggle 😂)

Today, I woke up earlier than anyone else in my house. “Early” sounds impressive until I say that the time was 6:40 am. Still early, but not the 5 am wake-ups you hear about on Forbes. I’ve lived nine lives this morning. Already, I’ve exercised, eaten breakfast, cleaned my room, done laundry, and am half-way through my first class of the day.

Update: Somehow, I got my schedule mixed up and clicked the wrong link. A video of CNN jolted me back to reality — no way is this my philosophy class, I thought to myself. I had to leave in the middle.

I sent an “embarrassed” pic to a friend. Gen Z, am I right? Always taking selfies.

Update 2.0: after 8 straight hours of class (9, if you count the lunch break) I have emerged… Not quite alive, but definitely close. To lift my spirits, I decided to try altering clothes using a sewing machine. Two video tutorials “for dummies” did not work, because the sewing machine would not sew. You have one job, I thought. Eventually, I discovered that the needle was stuck in a metal plate. Thus commenced a battle involving me, three differently shaped screwdrivers, and a whole lot of determination. I lost. “Leave it,” my grandma urged me. “I will help.”

So, it is now 8:19 pm, and this is my room:

I’ll be listening to a podcast as I clean this

Tuesday: work + homework

Hello friends! Today started off as a solidly sub-par day. I felt like I was going through the motions without wanting to do anything. I don’t know if anyone else feels bursts of “life burnout” sometimes, but I had it this morning.

I don’t wear pants anymore due to my religion, but today, I wanted to. Being home all day has its perks, and wearing pants is one of them!
Check out the embroidery! Pants: thrifted (Asian brand originally) and top: $5 from H&M!

At around 11 am, I realized I was wasting time, so I made a schedule. I ended up finishing two long assignments for school, working for Continuity Care, and fixing a mess involving practicum. One site that I interviewed for let me have two weeks to accept or reject their offer. I asked for two weeks so I could finish interviewing for the other sites. “We need you to confirm right now whether you are accepting the position,” I heard over the phone. I froze. “I am confused,” I said. “I have an email response saying that I could have two weeks…” Eventually, the supervisor relented and let me have my 2 weeks.

I tried to squeeze in a workout, but unlike on Monday, Tuesday’s exercise was just not happening. It reminds me of a quote that a trainer motivates her clients with: “not every day is going to be a perfect workout, but you have to use the energy you have that day, whatever it is”. Maybe my best effort on Monday looks totally different than Tuesday, but that’s ok.


Rolling over to check the time, I nearly fell out of the bed when I realized how late I slept. This was a rare day.

Thinking I had a presentation, I scrambled to the kitchen, poured cornflakes in a bowl, and took the stairs two at a time to get back to my room. My group partner and I pulled up the presentation on the screen. We were ready to go when the professor announced that actually, another group was going today! “Omg,” I messaged my partner. “I can’t believe it!”

“Well, at least we go it done!” she replied.

Regardless, I dressed up. Gotta be prepared for anything, whether you have a presentation this week or two weeks from now.

Later, I added knee-high socks because it is raining! In California? Who would’ve thought.

Currently, I will be doing my workout (fingers crossed that it goes better than Tuesday’s!). Although I mentioned a week of outfits, this blog post is turning into a novel, so I will do a part two if you guys are interested 🙂


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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

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