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A Time Capsule for Future Me

Hi friends. It’s July 30, 2022. I had the idea of doing a time capsule for myself to look back on one year from now.

  1. Where are you now? The truthful answer? In my bed, coughing. It’s a weekend, and I’ve read two books so far today. They’re from the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children book series, which I first read when I was much younger, but had no idea that it was a series and thought that it ended with the first book.
  2. Who are you in love with? Apart from myself, you mean? Just kidding. I’m two years into dating my boyfriend and am very much in love. Who is your best friend? I can’t say her name on my blog because our clients have a tendency of googling us, and both of us have very unique names. But hopefully she stays my best friend. She’s amazing.
  3. What do you wish you could own right now? A doctorate in clinical psychology. It’s a work in progress.
  4. What do you want your next vacation to be? I really want to visit Denmark.
  5. What are you most worried about? I have a tendency to over-worry, to have an exaggerated worry response about little things. But right now, I’m lucky that there is no great, over-arching worry in my life. I was concerned that I’d give COVID-19 to my family, but so far it’s day 9 and thank God, we are in the clear.
  6. What is one amazing thing you expect to do in the coming year? My dream is to do advanced practicum at the UCLA Autism testing center. Everything about it is perfect. It’s at UCLA, and we all know how I feel about UCLA (I went there as an undergrad). But most importantly, this site trains us in administering Autism assessments, which no other site does. My dream is to diagnose kids with Autism early so that they get the interventions they need to improve. Someone close to me is on the spectrum, so I’ve always had a desire to specialize in Autism testing. I’m going to do everything in my power to get this particular site.
  7. What were the top 3 accomplishments from the last year? I started driving on highways (as a relatively new, and cautious driver, this was a big deal). I landed an assessment-based practicum site for this year, which was what I really wanted. And I’ve been diligently getting ahead on my dissertation.
  8. What made you laugh the hardest most recently? I had to walk my brother’s dog this week. And the dog did what dogs do on walks, which is to say that he pooped. I had to use a bag to pick it up and I couldn’t make myself do it. I battled my baser instinct of running in the opposite direction, but it was on a neighbor’s grass, and poor neighbor. So, squealing in disgust, I plucked the offending “surprise” from the grass and immediately started running with it to a garbage can. The dog, bewildered by my response, looked around to see if someone was attacking me. “Run, you poopling,” I said to him, not wanting to hold the bag longer than I had to. So the two of us beelined for a trashcan, after which my disgusted cries finally stopped. I realized how funny this was, especially to people who were just walking by. That was when I started laughing.
  9. What are your life goals at the moment?   Did you make any progress on them? I have many life goals. My short term goal is to have my dissertation done by this time next year, which means I have to be very disciplined. I also want to have a minimalistic bedroom again. I’ve made progress on the dissertation goal and the room goal, but the room is by no means perfect (my desk is a wreck, lol).
  10. What do you think you will be doing this time next year?  In 5 and 10 years from now? I love this question. At this time next year, I’ll be finishing up the assessment site that I’m currently at (that’s crazy to think!). I may be training the next batch of interns. And I may be starting at the UCLA site!! In 5 years, I want to have my private practice and to have a family. Hopefully two healthy and happy kids. In 10 years, I want to be pay back my loan for grad school and own a house.
  11. What do you think will change about you over the next year?  How do you want to grow? I am hopeful that in the coming year, I will learn to manage my stress better. This third year of graduate school is supposed to be the hardest one yet. I want to practice contentment with where I’m at, and I don’t want to be as harsh with myself. I also hope to grow in my confidence. Recently, my supervisor gave me many compliments but told me that I should really be more confident in myself. He said that I am helpful to my clients and that I should own it. I would also like to prioritize sleep more by going to bed earlier (like, 10:30 pm).
  12. Advice and lessons for the future. When you have high standards for yourself, you never sit and reflect on your accomplishments. Instead, you think to yourself, “there’s always something I could do better”. But I’m tired of that. I am going to trust that future me is doing her best, just as current me is doing her best. My advice: trust your instincts. Start seeing yourself the way that people who love you see you. Own less stuff. Get more hobbies. Keep reading.

Bonus: here are some pictures that are representative of my life lately:


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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

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