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đź•ŽBlognukkah Day 8: Selling Clothes, Dissertating, and a Bad Grade (kind of)

Good morning, friends. I’m back with an audio recording today. My plans are relatively relaxed. I plan to go to the gym and then to study at a coffee shop.

I spent the morning listing some clothing items on my Poshmark. I debated linking it here, but I don’t want my real name connected to this blog, for confidentiality reasons. It’s one thing for clients to find my Poshmark (“gee, I guess my therapist likes clothes”) and quite another thing for them to find a blog describing my life in startling detail.

I ended up selling a Juicy Couture Velour sweater relatively quickly. Then, it was time for the gym.

Leave it to me to have a pink barbell pad that perfectly matches my pink water bottle.

After that, I ate a very late lunch (3 pm might be a record for me). Then, I departed to a coffee shop.

I don’t know why, but it’s far easier for me to be productive at a coffee shop than at home. My mom still doesn’t understand it. “Why leave the house when you have a perfectly good desk?” she asks. I don’t know. I associate my room with relaxation, so I find myself in libraries and coffee shops throughout the day. At least I’m not alone. No matter the time of day, libraries and coffee shops are always bustling, indicating that others have the same concentration problem. Back to dissertating I go! *My phone still doesn’t consider that a verb

Just kidding– I’m pausing my dissertating again to show you my outfit, featuring the well-decorated bathroom of said coffee shop:

I went home around 6 pm when my WiFi voucher expired. At home, I had a light dinner. I came to my room and noticed that my grandma left me a package. It turns out, she was able to alter my skirt. It’s a vintage skirt that I wanted to shorten. My grandma, being the loving person that she is, decided to get it professionally altered instead of sewing it herself. It looked absolutely incredible and I thanked her profusely (but also begged her to never spend money on me again, haha).

The stunning skirt, which I may never take off

Later in the evening, my best friend texted me that we got feedback on our mock comps. Our school does this awful thing to third years (by “awful” I mean “great learning experience”, of course)– we have to write a “mock” 70 page paper and then a “real” 70 page paper based on the feedback from the mock one. We also have to present it orally and answer questions about it on the fly, which can be very nerve wracking. The feedback was thorough. We both passed. All that truly matters is passing it, but it can feel horrible to see a low grade out of 42 before you realize that that is what your school considers a pass. I am grateful because she sent me a text saying “don’t freak out if your grade is below 30/42” before I even opened the notification.

This is the mock version of the paper. If we passed it, that means we are in good shape for the real one. Despite the “don’t freak out” warning, I am in fact freaking out, because any mathematician would say that my grade is an F. However, my professor somehow considers this a pass.

And I bet our grades are on the higher end of the distribution, because we all worked really hard. With that said, it sounds like I have my winter break mapped out for me; I see lots of comp writing in my future!

Thank you all for reading!


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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

2 thoughts on “đź•ŽBlognukkah Day 8: Selling Clothes, Dissertating, and a Bad Grade (kind of)

  1. A 70 page mock paper?! Wowza! That has to be so challenging, but like you said, a good learning experience to look back on.

    Yay for Poshmark. I love buying and selling on the app. I totally understand not wanting to share your name in case clients would see your life online!

    I also focus so much better out of the house! If I’m home, I see laundry and chores to do. If I’m at a coffee shop I just have my work to focus on (aside from people watching, lol).


  2. I can understand being productive in a different setting, away from your home and any potential distractions. I work from home most of the time as my company is remote, but we still have an office in the city and I find that going into the office once a week or so is a nice boost. It’s good to get a change of scene!

    Wow, a 70-page paper is a lot! My tutor’s grading system changed when I was doing GCSEs and A-levels in my teens (they’re the exams you usually have to do here in the UK before going to university) and it was a similar experience to yours. I was getting above 80% in the old system so it was a shock to suddenly be getting grades in the 60% band, even though she explained they were high grades because 60-70% = a 2:1 at university (the UK grading system is complex haha, I think you have GPAs in the States?)


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