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Blognukkah Day 11 + 12: Neuropsych Testing, Birthday Surprise, and a Fixer-Upper

My grandma chose to celebrate her birthday in true grandma fashion — by making sure that everyone *else* in the family was fed. She cooked for hours. Sunday was the special day.

My mom and I joined forces to buy my grandma the best skincare that Ulta had to offer. I turned to the holy Trinity for advice: Google, beauty gurus, and website product reviews. In the end, it paid off. She was very happy!

I also made time for a workout and a short study session at a coffee shop nearby.

At this point I’ve reworn this skirt for two straight days, sorry not sorry

“You are eligible for a free drink of any size!” the employee told me. I almost redeemed it on the spot for the largest possible matcha, complete with oat milk, but decided to save it. No need to be impulsive with this unexpected surprise.
Overall, it was a great day.


I woke up today knowing that it would be hectic. We were tasked with the goal of getting every single report out before the upcoming break from practicum. However, I also had to help schedule my supervisor’s patients for many months into the new year. I was beginning to get stressed, because every minute that I was scheduling a patient was a minute that I was not writing a report.

I think my supervisor could sense that my head was in a million places at once because he said “you’re doing great today, [my name]. I’m proud of your performance.” Which was amazing to hear, considering that his philosophy is to only praise when it’s very warranted.

I managed to give an IQ test to one of my neuropsych patients later in the day. I have so many funny patient stories that I wish I could share on this blog without breaking HIPPA; my patients have a great sense of humor. I also got a report ready to be sent out in the end.

Afterward, Poshmark informed me that my long awaited denim maxi skirt has arrived. In the past, only one type of woman wore denim maxi skirts (religious ones). But serendipitously, these skirts are now a trend. So you can catch me toeing the line between “religious woman” and “gen-Z fashionista”.
I did my homework. The measurements I took at home worked, and it fit like a glove.

But the second I tried it on, pieces of the zipper started to snap off. Truly, I was devastated. I understand a 90s piece is, well, old. But I wish I had been warned. The seller offered to refund me. However, I was so in love with the skirt that I decided to get it fixed. I called many tailors. They gave me quotes between $18 and $25. My grandma, ever the lifesaver, informed me that this was an area of clothes-mending that she was very confident in. She knew how to replace zippers! I was overjoyed.

I also realized that I left my retainer at her house. But, as I don’t have school on Tuesday, I headed over tonight to stay over until tomorrow. I also stopped at the gym on the way over (because when do I not?). I was greeted with the most warm welcome and even given a chicken dinner from both grandparents. Remind me to forget my retainer here every time.

And that brings us up to speed.
Until next time!


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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

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