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I Went to The Gym in the Middle of The Night (and other parts of my Monday)

School and practicum are both back in full swing, so here is a Monday in my life. My mom ordered umbrellas for our family for the first time this week- before that, we were able to get by in California without an umbrella. So it was with a sense of pride that I matched myContinue reading “I Went to The Gym in the Middle of The Night (and other parts of my Monday)”

Dealing With Rejection

Yesterday, I found myself in a coffee shop, on the brink of tears, staring at an email and trying to process it. I applied early decision to UCLA’s autism testing clinic. Multiple people proofread my cover letter, I updated my resume all the way in the summer, obtained all recommendation letters way in advance, andContinue reading “Dealing With Rejection”

My Best Thrifted Outfits of 2022 🤍

Hello friends! Today I will be sharing my favorite outfits that I’ve worn this year. It’s been a year of fashion exploration and also a year of sustainability. Every item that you see in this post will have the original brand listed so that you can find it, but I bought these pieces from thriftContinue reading “My Best Thrifted Outfits of 2022 🤍”

Diary of a Week In My Life 💖

Life got so busy that I didn’t update the Blognukkah series for a few days. But here is a week in my life to catch you up. Tuesday Today I did a morning workout class. It was very well attended. The instructor was EXTREMELY hyped for it being 8 am. I’d like whatever he isContinue reading “Diary of a Week In My Life 💖”

22 Things I Learned by 22

I’m not going to say when my birthday was, because you can never be too safe on the Internet. But suffice to say, I’m 22 now. I’ve learned a lot from my 22 years on this earth (apparently, one of those things is internet safety). Here’s the rest: 1. Don’t ask questions you don’t wantContinue reading “22 Things I Learned by 22”