An Embarrassing Situation in Class

It all started with my morning oatmeal. Armed with a bowl of oatmeal in one hand and my laptop in the other, I asked my sister to bring some frozen berries. “That way, I can keep my camera on,” I explained. She pulled out a bag from the freezer that we can refer to asContinue reading “An Embarrassing Situation in Class”

2 Weeks Of Unproductivity

Hello and welcome to my spring break, where I have loads of fun and do nothing productive. For example, I practiced my hobbies. I practiced my calligraphy. I spent most of the week with friends and attended 3 parties! I met new people. I drove to the gym whenever I wanted without having to structureContinue reading “2 Weeks Of Unproductivity”

Hurry Sickness

“What is ‘hurry sickness’,” I wondered, eyeing the title of a podcast episode with deep suspicion. As if we need another sickness to ravage the earth when we are so close to being done with covid-19! symptoms: irritability (see how you react around those closest to you); hypersensitivity (a minor comment could throw off yourContinue reading “Hurry Sickness”

I Asked a Coworker About Her Salary | Day in the Life 🌆

Life has been stressful. Whenever I hear a statement like this, I wonder if the person is stressed because of their circumstances or because they have an anxious personality. Right now, for me, it’s both. Why has stress become my default setting? Recently, I took on a new case. The kid I work with isContinue reading “I Asked a Coworker About Her Salary | Day in the Life 🌆”

What I Wore This Week and How I Spent It 🌸

Hello friends, and welcome to another post about my outfits. The previous one was well received, which makes me think that a) you guys like my clothing or, more likely, b) pictures make reading easier. Either way, this is a democracy! You asked, so I will deliver. Monday Starting off with a sequined top, whichContinue reading “What I Wore This Week and How I Spent It 🌸”

A Week of Outfits for Work and Grad School: Trendy + Cute!

Monday: 8 Hours of Class! Hello, friends, and welcome to a very different post. What some of you may not know (I say even though I start each post with a picture of myself) is that I love fashion. Tie your sneakers and stow all accessories safely under your seats, because this fashion adventure willContinue reading “A Week of Outfits for Work and Grad School: Trendy + Cute!”

How to Not Lose Yourself in a Relationship (and other parts of my day) ❤️☀️

I’ve been reading a lot of anti-Valentine rhetoric, and I think the other side must be heard: the side of cheesiness, of posting pictures for the sake of it, of listening to Taylor Swift and dancing around your room. I am a cynic by nature, but on valentine’s day, I transform into a red-and-pink wearing,Continue reading “How to Not Lose Yourself in a Relationship (and other parts of my day) ❤️☀️”

A Busy Day of Interviewing and Studying! 📚 *I’m so happy

Hello, friends! I am approaching today with the kind of vigor that comes with being a morning person or after consuming a large cup of coffee. It’s going to be a busy day. On the menu, we have 1) a paper to write, 2) a stats quiz to study for, 3) my top choice practicumContinue reading “A Busy Day of Interviewing and Studying! 📚 *I’m so happy”

How to Have a “Misery Day”: Self Care Routine!

Hello, friends! Today’s post is different, and a little satirical. Today, I am a) getting the second vaccine dose, and b) starting That Week of the month, the one featuring cramps and unexplainable bouts of crying. Therefore, I am jokingly calling today my “Misery Day”. My mom says there are two types of people: victimsContinue reading “How to Have a “Misery Day”: Self Care Routine!”

Burnout + Trying to Get Over It

I didn’t want to write a blog post yesterday, because ever since Sunday, I have felt burnt out. Reading about a burnt out doctoral student is hardly the inspiration you’ve come to find, but I like to think that people also use the internet to find someone they can relate to. I went to myContinue reading “Burnout + Trying to Get Over It”

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