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🕎Blognukkah Day 2: Application and Thriftcation

Good morning, friends. I woke up with a single goal on my mind: to apply early decision to UCLA’s autism clinic. Today was the first day that the portal opened. Apart from a hiccup with our home printer (“you have ONE job!” I told it jokingly, when even my mom couldn’t get it to work),Continue reading “🕎Blognukkah Day 2: Application and Thriftcation”

My 5 am Morning Routine + starting my third year

Today was crazy. I am the only intern present on Wednesdays. So today I was not only a psychologist but also a barrista, snack deliverer, secretary, runner (any time the supervisor called my name), and weight lifter (the board that we have patient names on is heavy). On the bright side, I now make aContinue reading “My 5 am Morning Routine + starting my third year”

A Time Capsule for Future Me

Hi friends. It’s July 30, 2022. I had the idea of doing a time capsule for myself to look back on one year from now. Where are you now? The truthful answer? In my bed, coughing. It’s a weekend, and I’ve read two books so far today. They’re from the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children bookContinue reading “A Time Capsule for Future Me”

Why You Should Spend More Time Alone

On New Year’s day, my family went to Siesta Key in Florida. I’m not the biggest “beach” person, but on this day, I told myself that I’d go for a run and find somewhere to journal. I was all alone here. Just me, the journal I balanced precariously on my lap, and the occasional seagull.Continue reading “Why You Should Spend More Time Alone”

21 Is The Best Year

I’m in the process of writing my dissertation. I’m sure there will be many blog posts bemoaning the research process in my future. For now, I have 25 articles in my lit review, which is better than zero. I had a conversation with my best friend about it. We (well, she) did the math andContinue reading “21 Is The Best Year”

Day in the Life 📒 seeing clients, boxing, + schoolwork

Hey all, today I’m going to be blogging about a day in my life of practicum. Because my schedule started at noon, I had time to my self in the morning. Self care means doing not just the things you want to do but also the things you have to do. Looking at the pileContinue reading “Day in the Life 📒 seeing clients, boxing, + schoolwork”

My Best Thrift Haul (+ how I started wearing whatever I want)

I’ll never forget the day I saw someone else wearing the same thing as me. I was fifteen, rocking my (up until then) favorite floral pants. I described my style as “whatever is popular”. I strutted confidently around the dock, feeling like a princess, if princesses shopped in Forever 21’s clearance rack. Until… “Look!” IContinue reading “My Best Thrift Haul (+ how I started wearing whatever I want)”

Digital Detox, Day 1

I spend a lot of time on social media. One day, I logged over 5 hours. My eyes are peeled for signs of addiction, as a result of working in that field. “Do I have a social media addiction?” I wondered. Maybe I wasn’t chugging bottles of alcohol or crushing pills, but I wanted toContinue reading “Digital Detox, Day 1”

So… I have my master’s degree? Reflection on Grad School

So… I guess I have a master’s degree now? It’s a very real step toward getting my doctorate. And as a student, I am going to take this opportunity to reflect. I think the past two years of rigorous education and practicum (working with clients) have taught me a lot. I’ve learned that one ofContinue reading “So… I have my master’s degree? Reflection on Grad School”

How I’ve Really Been

I’ve been teetering on the edge between “okay” and “exhausted”. This year, I picked the MOST demanding practicum site possible. I love my clients, but balancing the current workload (especially since many of our licensed therapists are on vacation) feels impossible. It happened to coincide with finals week and the burnout that many of usContinue reading “How I’ve Really Been”