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My Goals for 2022 + Self Reflection

Let’s address the obvious: I disappeared for a few months. I’ve still been journaling, but I stepped away from this blog because I was worried that my clients would find it. Believe it or not, when I’m in the role of a therapist, I share almost nothing about myself. The other day, someone asked meContinue reading “My Goals for 2022 + Self Reflection”

My “Good Enough” Rule + A Typical Monday

Oct 25, 2021 It rained. Most of the time, I love rain, but today I fell spectacularly on my butt. I brushed myself off, checked my outfit for stains, and puttered on. I think that fall is representative of my life at the moment: doing my best to deal with the unexpected. There were aContinue reading “My “Good Enough” Rule + A Typical Monday”

BUSY Work Week In My Life: Long School Days + Seeing Clients! 💗

Monday Missing buses has become a pattern of mine. Partly because of sleep deprivation, partly because business casual outfits are hard to put together. And I know you would be surprised to read this, but my mornings have been better when I’m late. My mom, the heroic morning chauffer, drops me off at the nextContinue reading “BUSY Work Week In My Life: Long School Days + Seeing Clients! 💗”

Becoming an Organized Person: Decluttering Everything + Planning My Life

I have a confession. There is one thing that kept me from reaching my fullest potential at work, in school, and in life: being a disorganized person. For the past 5 years, I haven’t had a planner. “How does she remember any deadlines?” you wonder incredulously. Every day, I’d check Canvas and go look atContinue reading “Becoming an Organized Person: Decluttering Everything + Planning My Life”

2 Weeks Of Unproductivity

Hello and welcome to my spring break, where I have loads of fun and do nothing productive. For example, I practiced my hobbies. I practiced my calligraphy. I spent most of the week with friends and attended 3 parties! I met new people. I drove to the gym whenever I wanted without having to structureContinue reading “2 Weeks Of Unproductivity”

Hurry Sickness

“What is ‘hurry sickness’,” I wondered, eyeing the title of a podcast episode with deep suspicion. As if we need another sickness to ravage the earth when we are so close to being done with covid-19! symptoms: irritability (see how you react around those closest to you); hypersensitivity (a minor comment could throw off yourContinue reading “Hurry Sickness”

What I Wore This Week and How I Spent It 🌸

Hello friends, and welcome to another post about my outfits. The previous one was well received, which makes me think that a) you guys like my clothing or, more likely, b) pictures make reading easier. Either way, this is a democracy! You asked, so I will deliver. Monday Starting off with a sequined top, whichContinue reading “What I Wore This Week and How I Spent It 🌸”

Taking on New Work + Long Distance Dates | Life Update

I had an alarm set for 7 am and woke up even earlier than that out of excitement. It was my first day of school, sort of. I was going to be attending 1st grade for a little boy that I was shadowing. My lunch was pre-packed, my outfit was pre-picked, and one 4-minute driveContinue reading “Taking on New Work + Long Distance Dates | Life Update”

I’m Living My Life Despite the Pandemic (here’s why)

Today, my stepdad attended religious services for the first time in a year. My mom and I are visiting our friend’s son; we last saw him when he crawled and spoke fluent gibberish, but he is now two years old. Tonight, I am going out with my friends. Why? My family is vaccinated (each ofContinue reading “I’m Living My Life Despite the Pandemic (here’s why)”

A Busy Day of Interviewing and Studying! 📚 *I’m so happy

Hello, friends! I am approaching today with the kind of vigor that comes with being a morning person or after consuming a large cup of coffee. It’s going to be a busy day. On the menu, we have 1) a paper to write, 2) a stats quiz to study for, 3) my top choice practicumContinue reading “A Busy Day of Interviewing and Studying! 📚 *I’m so happy”