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Hurry Sickness

“What is ‘hurry sickness’,” I wondered, eyeing the title of a podcast episode with deep suspicion. As if we need another sickness to ravage the earth when we are so close to being done with covid-19! symptoms: irritability (see how you react around those closest to you); hypersensitivity (a minor comment could throw off yourContinue reading “Hurry Sickness”

I’m Getting Vaccinated

Hello, friends! Although this is a grad school blog, I’m making a bit of a different post today: it’s a post about getting the Covid-19 vaccine. I work part time as a home care aide. I’m a doctoral student in clinical psychology, but everyone else who works at the company is a LVN or RN.Continue reading “I’m Getting Vaccinated”

Blognukkah ✡️ Day 8: When All You Want is a Lazy Day

Today, I am tired of being productive. I just want to loaf. This is problematic because I have more to do than ever. Sure, class may be over, but I have three personality assessments due tomorrow night that must be absolutely perfect, as well as a workman’s compensation report to finish. And work tonight. AndContinue reading “Blognukkah ✡️ Day 8: When All You Want is a Lazy Day”