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đź•ŽBlognukkah Day 4: A Sabbath Day in My Life

“How much money would it cost for you to give up the Sabbath forever?” my former principal asked. At the time, I was keeping the Sabbath fully, and I figured that even if someone paid me a million dollars, I wouldn’t want to give up the holiday. Since then, I’ve wavered in my observance atContinue reading “đź•ŽBlognukkah Day 4: A Sabbath Day in My Life”

đź•ŽBlognukkah Day 2: Application and Thriftcation

Good morning, friends. I woke up with a single goal on my mind: to apply early decision to UCLA’s autism clinic. Today was the first day that the portal opened. Apart from a hiccup with our home printer (“you have ONE job!” I told it jokingly, when even my mom couldn’t get it to work),Continue reading “đź•ŽBlognukkah Day 2: Application and Thriftcation”

My 5 am Morning Routine + starting my third year

Today was crazy. I am the only intern present on Wednesdays. So today I was not only a psychologist but also a barrista, snack deliverer, secretary, runner (any time the supervisor called my name), and weight lifter (the board that we have patient names on is heavy). On the bright side, I now make aContinue reading “My 5 am Morning Routine + starting my third year”

How to Turn a Bad Day Around

Recently I cried in a Trader Joe’s. I’ve heard of people having breakdowns in public places but I’ve never seen one and I’ve certainly never had one. This was a first. A few minutes prior, I was parking in a “compact” space. As I was pulling into the spot, a lady came out of theContinue reading “How to Turn a Bad Day Around”

A New Chapter: July 2022

I’ve had a busy and fulfilling start to July. Let me catch you up. Highlights and Fireworks My fourth was one of the best fourths of July that I’ve had in a while. My sister and her friend invited us to a free concert with a promising fireworks display. Our spot was perfect for seeingContinue reading “A New Chapter: July 2022”

A Vacation from Adulthood

This post will likely live and die in the notes app on my phone, but it is 11:40 pm, I just submitted one of my final exams, and I’m feeling reflective. This past weekend, I went to palm springs with my boyfriend. We fried there. It was 110 degrees every day but it could notContinue reading “A Vacation from Adulthood”

21 Is The Best Year

I’m in the process of writing my dissertation. I’m sure there will be many blog posts bemoaning the research process in my future. For now, I have 25 articles in my lit review, which is better than zero. I had a conversation with my best friend about it. We (well, she) did the math andContinue reading “21 Is The Best Year”

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Somebody once asked me if Jews believe in hell. I like to think that there’s an afterlife, but I have no idea what the details are. What I’ll say is this: if hell is hot, I am not looking forward. This weekend, I drove an hour to the 100+ degree town where two of myContinue reading “It’s Getting Hot in Here”

Only Keeping What Sparks Joy: Konmari Method

Good morning, friends. I’m up on this memorial day morning at an ungodly hour, owing to the fact that I have school related stress on my mind. I have to finish studying for an exam. I also have three articles left to find for my dissertation, and those are due tomorrow (I found 2/5 lastContinue reading “Only Keeping What Sparks Joy: Konmari Method”

Day in the Life đź“’ seeing clients, boxing, + schoolwork

Hey all, today I’m going to be blogging about a day in my life of practicum. Because my schedule started at noon, I had time to my self in the morning. Self care means doing not just the things you want to do but also the things you have to do. Looking at the pileContinue reading “Day in the Life đź“’ seeing clients, boxing, + schoolwork”