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🕎Blognukkah Day 2: Application and Thriftcation

Good morning, friends. I woke up with a single goal on my mind: to apply early decision to UCLA’s autism clinic. Today was the first day that the portal opened. Apart from a hiccup with our home printer (“you have ONE job!” I told it jokingly, when even my mom couldn’t get it to work),Continue reading “🕎Blognukkah Day 2: Application and Thriftcation”

A Week in My Life: Seeing Clients, Writing Dissertation, and Long Distance Relationship

Hi friends! I’m back with another week in my life. Sunday Sunday started dismally because it was a fast day. The fast day marks a sad day in Jewish history. I fasted half day, and my boyfriend did a half day fast in solidarity. We went to a botanical garden, starving, but not so muchContinue reading “A Week in My Life: Seeing Clients, Writing Dissertation, and Long Distance Relationship”

BEST Clothing/Y2K Thrift haul (10 items for 10 dollars 💋)

As the stereotype goes, grad students are broke. That, and constantly talking about their dissertations. I’m here to tell you about how to improve the former (your brokeness) so that you can focus on the latter (your thesis). We all know I love thrifting, but recently, my thrift stores started to price their clothes likeContinue reading “BEST Clothing/Y2K Thrift haul (10 items for 10 dollars 💋)”

21 Is The Best Year

I’m in the process of writing my dissertation. I’m sure there will be many blog posts bemoaning the research process in my future. For now, I have 25 articles in my lit review, which is better than zero. I had a conversation with my best friend about it. We (well, she) did the math andContinue reading “21 Is The Best Year”

How to Romanticize Your Life: making time for the little things

Hello, friends. I’ve come to realize that no matter what, I will always be busy, but I miss writing. So I’m going to make time for it. I figure it’s time for a figurative cup of coffee, because there’s a lot to catch you up on. If we were having a cup of coffee, I’dContinue reading “How to Romanticize Your Life: making time for the little things”

My “Good Enough” Rule + A Typical Monday

Oct 25, 2021 It rained. Most of the time, I love rain, but today I fell spectacularly on my butt. I brushed myself off, checked my outfit for stains, and puttered on. I think that fall is representative of my life at the moment: doing my best to deal with the unexpected. There were aContinue reading “My “Good Enough” Rule + A Typical Monday”

BUSY Work Week In My Life: Long School Days + Seeing Clients! 💗

Monday Missing buses has become a pattern of mine. Partly because of sleep deprivation, partly because business casual outfits are hard to put together. And I know you would be surprised to read this, but my mornings have been better when I’m late. My mom, the heroic morning chauffer, drops me off at the nextContinue reading “BUSY Work Week In My Life: Long School Days + Seeing Clients! 💗”


Today the good morning guy said “good morning, miss!” from the entrance to the subway, same as ever. “Your ‘good mornings’ make my day,” I told him, meaning it. He grinned. I asked if I could buy him a pastry in gratitude. It’s hard to tell if he’s homeless, but even if he’s not, whoContinue reading “Exhausted”

Week in My Life | Leading Group Therapy + Sleep Struggles

Today marks the conclusion of the busiest week of my entire life. School officially started, and so did practicum. I wake up at 6:20 every morning and the day passes in a flurry of bus rides and classes. Every morning that I get off the bus, I am greeted by a cheery homeless man whoContinue reading “Week in My Life | Leading Group Therapy + Sleep Struggles”

I started my 2nd year of grad school

For the past two days, I was at my grad school. We were learning the WAIS and WISC assessments in person, so we had to come in before school technically started. I feel exhausted. NOT because of the school or because of the people in it! The people at my school are a delight, andContinue reading “I started my 2nd year of grad school”