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šŸ•ŽBlognukkah Day 4: A Sabbath Day in My Life

“How much money would it cost for you to give up the Sabbath forever?” my former principal asked. At the time, I was keeping the Sabbath fully, and I figured that even if someone paid me a million dollars, I wouldn’t want to give up the holiday. Since then, I’ve wavered in my observance atContinue reading “šŸ•ŽBlognukkah Day 4: A Sabbath Day in My Life”

How I’ve Really Been

I’ve been teetering on the edge between “okay” and “exhausted”. This year, I picked the MOST demanding practicum site possible. I love my clients, but balancing the current workload (especially since many of our licensed therapists are on vacation) feels impossible. It happened to coincide with finals week and the burnout that many of usContinue reading “How I’ve Really Been”

How to Romanticize Your Life: making time for the little things

Hello, friends. I’ve come to realize that no matter what, I will always be busy, but I miss writing. So I’m going to make time for it. I figure it’s time for a figurative cup of coffee, because there’s a lot to catch you up on. If we were having a cup of coffee, I’dContinue reading “How to Romanticize Your Life: making time for the little things”


Today the good morning guy said “good morning, miss!” from the entrance to the subway, same as ever. “Your ‘good mornings’ make my day,” I told him, meaning it. He grinned. I asked if I could buy him a pastry in gratitude. It’s hard to tell if he’s homeless, but even if he’s not, whoContinue reading “Exhausted”

I started my 2nd year of grad school

For the past two days, I was at my grad school. We were learning the WAIS and WISC assessments in person, so we had to come in before school technically started. I feel exhausted. NOT because of the school or because of the people in it! The people at my school are a delight, andContinue reading “I started my 2nd year of grad school”

*calm before the storm* A Day in My Life Preparing for Grad School!

Hi friends, I’m coming to you from the stationary bike at LA fitness. Proof below, just to set the scene: Pedaling here in the middle of the day feels like the calm before the storm, because tomorrow is my first day back on campus! Although our official first day back is August 30th, second yearsContinue reading “*calm before the storm* A Day in My Life Preparing for Grad School!”

Learning How to Do Therapy + Day In My Life!

Something has been bringing me tremendous joy lately. You may expect me to say that it’s a chocolate bar, or my cat sleeping in a circle (pic below). And while those are comparable joys, this time, my source of happiness is learning CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). Up until now, I’ve learned how to administer assessments,Continue reading “Learning How to Do Therapy + Day In My Life!”