2 Weeks Of Unproductivity

Hello and welcome to my spring break, where I have loads of fun and do nothing productive. For example, I practiced my hobbies. I practiced my calligraphy. I spent most of the week with friends and attended 3 parties! I met new people. I drove to the gym whenever I wanted without having to structureContinue reading “2 Weeks Of Unproductivity”

I Asked a Coworker About Her Salary | Day in the Life 🌆

Life has been stressful. Whenever I hear a statement like this, I wonder if the person is stressed because of their circumstances or because they have an anxious personality. Right now, for me, it’s both. Why has stress become my default setting? Recently, I took on a new case. The kid I work with isContinue reading “I Asked a Coworker About Her Salary | Day in the Life 🌆”

I’m Living My Life Despite the Pandemic (here’s why)

Today, my stepdad attended religious services for the first time in a year. My mom and I are visiting our friend’s son; we last saw him when he crawled and spoke fluent gibberish, but he is now two years old. Tonight, I am going out with my friends. Why? My family is vaccinated (each ofContinue reading “I’m Living My Life Despite the Pandemic (here’s why)”

I’m Getting Vaccinated

Hello, friends! Although this is a grad school blog, I’m making a bit of a different post today: it’s a post about getting the Covid-19 vaccine. I work part time as a home care aide. I’m a doctoral student in clinical psychology, but everyone else who works at the company is a LVN or RN.Continue reading “I’m Getting Vaccinated”

A Day In My Life: Grad School Interviews, Work, and Losing My Wallet

“What are you up to lately?” was a question that used to stump me. No one has the attention span for my answer because I tend to list multiple things at once. So, instead, here’s a snapshot of my day. I woke up at 7 am, ate a banana (because who can lift weights onContinue reading “A Day In My Life: Grad School Interviews, Work, and Losing My Wallet”

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