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8 HOURS of Class: Day in the Life ☀️

Hello, friends! Welcome back to a tradition called “Vera Posts an Off-the-cuff Blog Post About Anything that Comes to Mind at 10:45 pm”. Aka, a day in my life. I hope you’re not reading this as late as I am writing it. Today started off productively, as I hoped it would. I spent 30 minutesContinue reading “8 HOURS of Class: Day in the Life ☀️”

My Vaccine Experience + New Semester of Grad School

Yesterday, I got my first dose of the vaccine! A sore left arm is the only side effect so far– it feels like I was sucker punched. Good news, though. I mastered the art of changing clothes with one hand, cooking with one hand, and carrying groceries with one hand, even if I have toContinue reading “My Vaccine Experience + New Semester of Grad School”

I’m Getting Vaccinated

Hello, friends! Although this is a grad school blog, I’m making a bit of a different post today: it’s a post about getting the Covid-19 vaccine. I work part time as a home care aide. I’m a doctoral student in clinical psychology, but everyone else who works at the company is a LVN or RN.Continue reading “I’m Getting Vaccinated”