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How I’m Surviving with No Social Media: Day 2

Hi friends. As you are noticing, a side effect of less time on social media means more time to write.

7:00 am. Believe it or not, this is considered sleeping in for me, as I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I got up and did something I haven’t done in a while: I read the Jewish version of a daily devotional.

7:40 am. I wanted pancakes. I cooked up a storm. My brother was his usual hungry self, and my mom never makes time to eat. So I had the perfect audience.

I added almond butter and honey to my pancakes. I also gave my brother and mom portions to go.

8:40 am- 10:40 am. I finished a book called Zero about a girl with bipolar disorder, which you can call research but I’d call pleasure reading. Y’all. I cried. I don’t know if I’d recommend it to a client, as Cat paints a bleak picture of Bipolar in the beginning, but the book ends well.

By around 11 am, I discovered that my computer had unblocked social media, so I wasted a fine 40 minutes checking everything. Spoiler: nothing spectacular happened in my absence. I did, however, send my friend a meme and discover that this was still the one thing I missed about social media.

At noon, I worked out. I used to only do cardio workouts. I’m now on a mission to eat more and do what I actually like. Today, this meant a mostly strength based workout for like 40 minutes that had me dying by the end.

After that, I had a long session through continuity care, which lasted until around 4. At this point, I returned to my room and started a new book called Queen of Babble (clearly the intellectual content you read this blog for). Around 4:30, I noticed an empty fridge and decided to go to the grocery store during peak traffic hour. On the bright side, though, I sped through the store and bought the essentials (aka, 10 avocadoes).

I also made vegetables for everyone and sad rice (I called it sad rice because it was bland and unremarkable, but apparently my family was hungry enough to eat it).

There were two of these platters!

This all took until 7:30, by which point I realized once again how many hours there are in a day and how many of those hours I was wasting in the past.

From 8:00-9:00, I looked through a “sentimental” drawer in my desk, in order to a) sort it out and b) get inspiration for the 2 year anniversary card that I would be giving my boyfriend tomorrow (!!). I saved the rose he gave me on our third ever date, but today I noticed that the rose did NOT keep well and had to be thrown out. This made me pretty sad. Then again, what matters is not the mementos from the relationship, but rather the relationship itself. Unlike that rose, the relationship is doing well 😂.

Then, I worked on a workers comp report for a client. It’s now around 10:30. I have to plan my sessions for practicum tomorrow, especially if I get a last minute group or two. I think I’m going to have a conversation with my client’s anxiety, which is a new intervention I learned (Questions for the anxiety: “What is your goal in Jessica*’s life? How much power do you have over her? Does she think you fulfill a good purpose in her life?”). Btw, Jessica was the first generic name I could come up with.

I’m excited for tomorrow. I’m going to get an early(ish) night now, in an attempt to sleep better. Talk to you later.

*This is an old blog post that I ended up re-publishing*


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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

4 thoughts on “How I’m Surviving with No Social Media: Day 2

  1. I love that you have more time to write now! The Zero book sounds intriguing. I always love book recommendations. LOL about sad rice. You’re too funny! Also, happy two year anniversary!


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