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A Vacation from Adulthood

This post will likely live and die in the notes app on my phone, but it is 11:40 pm, I just submitted one of my final exams, and I’m feeling reflective. This past weekend, I went to palm springs with my boyfriend. We fried there. It was 110 degrees every day but it could not have bothered me any less. In good company, even an oven is bearable. On the way back, a bee landed on the windshield. “Should I nudge her off?” my boyfriend asked.

“No, she’s probably tired of flying. She’ll come off once we start driving again.” But apparently the bee is clingier than me in this blog post, because she stayed. I wondered if she was injured. With severely injured insects, I have a rule that they should be put out of their misery. This bee made it hard to tell.

“Okay,” I said, after she held on through several stoplights. “If she’s still on there by the time we enter your garage, we should probably turn on the windshield wiper and nudge her off.” But still, an optimistic part of me held onto the hope that she was just resting. And sure enough, when she was ready, she flew away.

I was thinking that this trip was like my version of plunking down onto someone’s windshield and resting there. Except unlike the bee, I wasn’t ready to leave yet. I had gotten a taste of rest and I couldn’t bear to go back to full time work and school and (soon) two practicum sites. I see the college students around me who get a summer break. Now that I’m in grad school, there is none of that, at least not when you have practicum.

Listen, I can’t complain. I learned A TON in this year of working with clients. My school is not so demanding that I can’t, say, have a job. But still. Even as I am grateful for the opportunities I have, I’m thinking about December, which is the earliest I foresee myself having longer than one weekend off. I just want to be like the bee and stay on the windshield for a little while longer. Just a little, and then I’ll be ready to “fly back” to work.

I wonder if this is why people get souvenirs– they want to savor their vacation, to pretend that it’s continuing long after it’s over. My way of savoring this little trip is writing about it.

Above is a very informal photo dump of just a few things that we did. There was a lot of museum hopping and migration from one air conditioned location to another. Right before seeing Redlands, we looked up places to see and kept laughing about the yelp review above.

We also went to the most incredible Italian restaurant, which was one of the highlights of that trip. My favorite, though, was a “museum of design and architecture” that I thought would be pictures of old houses, but ended up being mannequins with different vintage dresses! I could not get enough of this museum.

I slept really well this weekend. It was a good time. And now we are going to go back to the regularly scheduled programming. It is weird sometimes to get back to your usual routine, but there is also beauty in it. We will see what this (productive) day will hold now that I’m back. Thanks for reading! I’ll write again soon.

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Hi everyone! I started my doctorate in clinical psychology in fall 2020. A google search revealed that there are no current grad school blogs for psychology students. Anyway, I happen to know a girl who wants to document her journey to getting a doctorate (spoiler: it's me). Welcome. Hope you stay awhile!

One thought on “A Vacation from Adulthood

  1. I know exactly what you mean about resting and getting away, but also enjoying getting back into routine. I’m glad you could be like the bee on the windshield and get some rest! December will be here before you know it!!

    Also, the museum with all the vintage dresses on mannequins sounds awesome!

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